6 Common Health Issues For Seniors

health issues for seniors

In America, people on average can expect to live longer than ever before. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests they live almost 20 years longer!

Seniors, now more than ever, need to make conscious healthy lifestyle choices to ensure quality of life. Physical activities and a healthy diet are two great ways to maintain your health into your older years. Being aware of common health issues for seniors can also help you plan your lifestyle accordingly.

Below are 6 common health issues for seniors.

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a pain felt in your joints due to inflammation that can worsen with age. Even though the pain can make it hard to stay active you need to consult your doctor and create an activity plan for you to stay healthy.

2. Cancer
Unfortunately, cancer is a very common ailment with seniors. Stay on top of your annual screenings and checkups to help catch signs early. This will help with treatment.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have shown that over 11% of seniors are diagnosed with this disease. Doctors agree that diagnosing is difficult due to the symptoms varying nature. Be aware of any symptoms you think could be associated with this disease. Bring them to the attention of your doctor early. It is better to be safe!

4. Diabetes

The CDC estimates 25% seniors (65 and older) are living with diabetes. The good news is that if you know you are at risk you can start making changes to your lifestyle and health early to help control and prevent this disease.

5. Influenza and Pneumonia
Although these ailments aren’t necessarily a disease they can be very fatal infections among seniors. If you are not living a healthy lifestyle to keep your body strong you will have a difficult time fighting off the infections. Stay strong and active!

6. Heart Diseases
The CDC believes heart disease is the leading killer of seniors (65 or older). As you age you are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol which leads to heart conditions. Exercise, eat a healthy diet and sleep  are the best solutions to help keep you healthy and fight heart disease according to doctors.

Stay on top of your health and follow your doctor’s advice to age successfully!
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