A Great Video to Help With Understanding Medicare

Are you new to Medicare? This is a great video to help you understand medicare and how it works.

Understanding Medicare coverage choices can be tricky so its important to educate yourself and pick your coverage carefully. How you choose to get your benefits can affect your quality of care.  If you are about to become eligible for Medicare, or just became eligible for Medicare here is a great video presentation giving you a brief explanation of what Medicare is and how you use it.

Understanding Medicare Transcript:

Ok so you are trying to understand medicare and it can be really confusing. When do you have to start thinking about all this stuff? If you are coming up on the magic “65” its time. Or if your like a lot of us and retiring later, you are ready as soon as you don’t have employer health insurance anymore. maybe you already have a medicare plan but you are thinking about switching it up a little bit. No matter whats going on you need to know some basics. So lets get started…

Medicare has 4 parts, A, B, C, and D. Plus there is this 5th thing called supplemental, we will get back to that. So what do the letters really mean?

Part A is for when you go to the hospital and you get it by just signing up for medicare. For most you get part A automatically and it cost you $0.

Parts B, C, and D on the other hand are optional. If you want them you buy them.

Part B is for when you go to the Doctor, stuff like routine physicals, blood pressure checks and tests, you know things like that.

Part C is adding eye care, or dental coverage or something else, thats where part C comes in, its also called medicare advantage. Part C combines A and B with some of the other stuff you want.

Part D is prescription drug coverage. You can buy it on its own or you can get it with part C and wrap the whole thing up in one neat little package.

You can also buy a supplemental policy if you want. They are called that because they cover some of the costs not included in A or B.

Well there you go, those are the basics. Want to learn more visit Medicare.gov or contact us for free consultation on help and enrollment.