Medicare Open Enrollment 2018-2019

2018 Medicare Open Enrollment started a few weeks ago, on October 15th. Which means, if you need to adjust your Medicare plan you will have until December 7th to shop, compare, and join a 2019 plan. What can you do in the medicare open enrollment period? Remember it’s not always about cost. You will need to determine if your coverage is appropriate for your needs swell as affordable. Here are … [Read more...]

How to Budget For Medicare Costs While Planning Your Retirement

Do not forget to add health care costs into your retirement planning. First of all, have you thought about your health care needs when you retire? Like most people planning their retirement roadmap you may have underestimated the costs of health care as you age. If you qualify, Medicare Part A is free and does cover some level of hospitalization. Consequently, there are many aspects of … [Read more...]

Learn About The New Medicare Cards

Starting April of this year, 2018, those who are on Medicare will receive a new Medicare card. The new Medicare card is designed to help improve your security and protect your identity. Therefore, your new cards will include a Medicare number (that is unique to you). Also, all your benefits and coverage will stay the same. In addition, another change you will see on the new cards is the … [Read more...]

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. As a result, it is estimated about 630,000 people die each year from some form of heart disease. February is considered American Heart Month. Therefore, let this month be a reminder for you to take the necessary steps to prevent or catch any heart diseases you may have. The best way to start is to … [Read more...]

2018 Medicare Premiums and Deductibles

The 2018 Medicare premiums and deductibles have been announced by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Below are some of the key changes that will be affecting Medicare beneficiaries. 70 percent of Medicare enrollees currently pay lower monthly Part B premiums due to the “hold harmless” provision, which prevents Medicare premiums rising more than the Social Security … [Read more...]

Medicare In California: Southern California Medicare is an independent Orange County (California) Medicare Insurance broker firm. We help you by providing caring, unbiased education and support. Therefore, you can make educated decisions about your Southern California Medicare insurance options. Let’s explore some facts and resources about Medicare in our state, California. Our resources page is also a great place to help answer … [Read more...]

Going on Vacation? Be Sure To “Pack” Your Travel Health Care!

If you are planning a vacation this summer you know there is a lot to do to get yourself ready. Book your tickets, make reservations, pack your suitcase, etc. Have you given any thought to checking to see what your travel health care or medical coverage is where you plan to travel? This can be an easy one to forget, but it is so important. A little bit of research before you go can save you … [Read more...]

How 2018 Social Security COLA Affects Part B Enrollees

How 2018 Social Security COLA Affects Part B enrollees Article Posted: 16 Oct 2017 08:49 AM PDT On Friday, the Social Security Administration announced that the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2018 will see a 2 percent increase in benefits from 2017, resulting in the largest adjustment since 2012. The increase will affect more than 69 million people, including more than 8 million … [Read more...]

Medicare Insurance FAQs

Have a question about medicare? Are you new to Medicare? Are you about to become eligible? These Frequently Asked Questions will help you on your quest for the information you need before you enroll. Don’t forget to visit our website for a list of resources to guide and educate you during your journey. If at any time your are feeling overwhelmed or confused we encourage you to give us as … [Read more...]

How Seniors and Healthcare are Affected by the New Administration

The election is over and a new administration is set to move into the white house. With a new administration always comes change. We talked about what each party’s platform for Medicare and health care reform would likely be here. But what can we expect in the upcoming year(s)? With the result of the election, as well as elected Republican majorities in the House and Senate, there will likely … [Read more...]