4 Things To Look For In A Health Provider

As you reach your mid 60’s and possibly enroll in Medicare how do you know how to choose the right health provider? It may be time for you to find a physician that is specialized in older patients. Someone that is on the same page as you regarding life, health and growing older.

Health Provider
Here are four pieces of advice to help you choose the right health provider:

1. Make sure this health provider has a reliable and trusted practice.
What is the easiest way to find out how reliable and trustworthy a physician is? Ask around. Reach out to friends, neighbors or family and get feedback from current/past patients. Call the office and ask questions you need answers to. Inquire if they are accepting new patients, what Medicare plans they accept or even how to reach someone if the office is closed. Start formulating your own opinions based on initial contact.

2. Find a physician that actually listens to you.
How many times have you left your doctors office frustrated because the doctor has little to no time to talk and listen to your concerns? You need a health provider that is dedicate to the care of seniors and takes a genuine interest in finding appropriate solutions for your health needs.

3. Be sure you and your new physician agree on the correct treatment style you require.

A cautious and conservative treatment approach may be the best strategy for aging patients. Many treatments are new and have little data to back the results. Discuss with your new physician in depth any treatments and possible side effects based on your age. The same caution should be followed for medications. The same dose you took 5 years ago may not be the same you require now. Choose a health provider that is observant and diligent to providing quality medication management.

4. Choose a health care provider that takes an interest in your quality of life.

As you get older there are many aspects to life that go far beyond the doctors office in determining your state of health. Are you physically able to care for yourself properly? Food in the fridge, clean house, proper hygiene, etc. are all factors that can become challenging with age. You need a provider that is willing to take the next step and care for all aspects of your life.

Choosing the right health care provider with a better understanding of your own needs is the best decision you could make for your health and future!