Medicare News: Popular Prescription Drugs That Become Generic In 2012

In Medicare news, according to US News and World Report, the following prescription drugs will go generic in 2012. Be sure to ask your pharmacist for the generic version of your drug when it becomes available as this will save you a bundle. Name Brand Prescription Drugs that become Generic in 2012: March. Lexapro (escitalopram); $2.56 billion. Used for treating depression. March. Seroquel … [Read more...]

Medicare and Health Insurance Options at Age 65

There are loads of health insurance options for people over age 65. Below we'll discuss each of them so you get a better understanding of what to look for and which type of plan might work best for you. Private Insurance Some people, over 65, have company sponsored group medical health insurance that carries over into retirement. These plans must be reviewed by a Professional Medicare Insurance … [Read more...]

Medicare News: Lipitor Price to Fall

Finally... Lipitor's patent expired on November 30, 2011. The new generic version of Lipitor is called Atorvastatin and should be available at your local pharmacy now. The pricing for this generic version will be less than the "name-brand" but, starting in June 2012, when all drug makers can start making the drug, prices should fall dramatically. By next fall, 2012, the price for generic … [Read more...]

News: Medicare Prescription Drug Gap (Donut Hole)

Medicare Update: In 2012, if you hit the prescription drug donut hole or gap, you will get a 60% discount on brand-name drugs. Every year thereafter, you will pay less for your prescription drugs in the donut hole/gap, until there is complete coverage in 2020. … [Read more...]

Medicare News: Medicare Prescription Drug Rebate

If you are a senior citizen, then you already know that Medicare prescription drug plans tend to be a complicated issue. For one, there are various kinds of Medicare plans. There isn’t just one plan that is right for all senior citizens. Also, depending on what kind of money you make, what kind of social security you have, and what kind of taxes you have paid, you may even have to supplement your … [Read more...]