Senior Assistance – In All Aspects of Life

If you are turning 65 or are over age 65, we've compiled a list of resources that may be important to you. Are you 65 or older and in need of information about money, retirement, senior travel, care giving or other senior assistance topics?  We've compiled a list of links that may answer the many questions you have. It is important to educate yourself and stay up to date on current topics. … [Read more...]

Medicare Help: How Do I Apply For Medicare?

There are Two Ways to Apply For Medicare Apply For Medicare At your Local Social Security Office Most people do not realize that there is not a “Medicare office” where they go to get their Medicare Insurance. This is sometimes a bit confusing because, to apply for your Medicare benefit you must visit your local Social Security office. Apply for Medicare Online You may also visit this link … [Read more...]

Medicare Advice: Do I Need Medicare Insurance?

If you’ve applied for Medicare Part A and B you’ve got Medicare Insurance.  But, you’ve still got a big gap that could create a financial hardship for you if you don’t cover that gap with additional insurance. Medicare covers 80% of your Medicare approved procedures, doctor visits, etc.  But you are still responsible for 20% of all charges. That 20% isn’t a big deal if you just have to see the … [Read more...]

Medicare News: Popular Prescription Drugs That Become Generic In 2012

In Medicare news, according to US News and World Report, the following prescription drugs will go generic in 2012. Be sure to ask your pharmacist for the generic version of your drug when it becomes available as this will save you a bundle. Name Brand Prescription Drugs that become Generic in 2012: March. Lexapro (escitalopram); $2.56 billion. Used for treating depression. March. Seroquel … [Read more...]

Medicare help: How To File A Medicare Claim

When filing a Medicare claim it has to be filed within one calendar year following the year that the services were provided for the claim. This means, one year after you have the treatment for the health condition, you have to file a claim before that calendar year is up. For example, if you have made a physician's visit on the month of March 2009, a Medicare claim can be filed before 31st … [Read more...]

Changing Residences Can Impact You With the Medicare Advantage Program

It is essential that anyone with the Medicare Advantage Program makes sure to document any move, temporary or permanent. The subject of Medicare for U.S. residents can be complicated at the best of times and with the changes recently made to the health-care laws, people may find themselves either paying more or even without coverage if they are not well informed. With the increasingly aging … [Read more...]

Medicare Advice: Learn About Medicare Fraud

Are you tired of rising health care costs? One contributing factor is Medicare fraud. Most health care professionals who work with Medicare are honest. Unfortunately, a handful of dishonest providers and individuals cost the Medicare system millions of dollars every year. These costs are passed on to you in the form of higher co-payments and health care costs. What You Don't Know About Medicare … [Read more...]