Medicare Help: How Do I Apply For Medicare?

There are Two Ways to Apply For Medicare

Apply For Medicare At your Local Social Security Office

Most people do not realize that there is not a “Medicare office” where they go to get their Medicare Insurance. This is sometimes a bit confusing because, to apply for your Medicare benefit you must visit your local Social Security office.


Apply for Medicare Online

You may also visit this link and apply online. You will only be able to apply, using this link, if you wish to activate your social security at the same time.

If you are delaying your social security payments then you will need to go to the Social Security office in person to apply for your Medicare, or visit this website to apply online for Medicare ONLY.

At the Social Security office you may apply for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, which is also known as “Original Medicare”. In some instances you may want to delay applying for Medicare Part B. We can discuss your particular situation to help you determine whether or not you would want to activate your Medicare Part B.

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