Moving Medicare Advantage and Part D Forward (CMS Fact Sheet)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released this article regarding the future projection for Medicare Advantage and Part D in 2017. Keep yourself informed as we enter the Medicare Open Enrollment period this year! Article Source: Access article here Date: 9/22/16 Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, both Medicare Advantage and the Part D prescription drug … [Read more...]

2016 Presidential Candidates and Medicare

As the election draws near you, a Medicare participant or soon-to-be Medicare participant, need to be sure you educate yourself properly on what the candidate’s positions on Medicare and health reform are. As you plan your retirement you need to make sure you have sufficient medical insurance for your needs. If you haven't thought it through yet, your health and insurance options will be … [Read more...]

Medicare Open Enrollment Period 2015 Ends In 6 Days!

Medicare participants have the opportunity to adjust their plans and coverage in the medicare open enrollment period, which starts every year on October 15th and ends on December 7th 2015. This means you only have 6 days left! The medicare open enrollment period is designed to permit participants to assess their health needs and what they may need for 2016. What can you do in the medicare open … [Read more...]