Medicare Open Enrollment Period 2015 Ends In 6 Days!

Medicare participants have the opportunity to adjust their plans and coverage in the medicare open enrollment period, which starts every year on October 15th and ends on December 7th 2015. This means you only have 6 days left!


The medicare open enrollment period is designed to permit participants to assess their health needs and what they may need for 2016.

What can you do in the medicare open enrollment period?

– Transition from regular Medicare coverage to a Medicare Advantage Plan (or vice versa).
– Drop one Medicare Advantage Plan for a different Medicare Advantage Plan.
– Join a prescription drug coverage plan, Part D.
– Change your coverage between one Part D plan to another.
– Relinquish your Part D coverage.

Choosing a medicare plan can be a daunting process. If you decide you need a little help a Medicare insurance agent is a great choice. It’s always a good idea to talk to a Medicare adviser about your particular situation. Need some advice? Learn about Tips For Choosing A Medicare Plan.

Be Smart. Take advantage of the medicare open enrollment period.

It is common for seniors to simply keep renewing their plans from the previous year without re-evaluating their health needs. Don’t wait for the insurance company to stop offering your plan before you adjust. Stay on top of changes by reviewing next year’s Medicare & You handbook. Know in advance what your Medicare costs and benefits for the upcoming 2016 year will be. If you are unsatisfied with your coverage, this open enrollment period is your chance to make changes, they will take effect January 1 of the next year.

Medicare is a great program for seniors, but it doesn’t run on auto pilot. Use the medicare open enrollment period to make smart choices for the upcoming year.

You are not alone!

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