Medicare help: How To File A Medicare Claim

When filing a Medicare claim it has to be filed within one calendar year following the year that the services were provided for the claim. This means, one year after you have the treatment for the health condition, you have to file a claim before that calendar year is up. For example, if you have made a physician's visit on the month of March 2009, a Medicare claim can be filed before 31st … [Read more...]

Medicare News: Spending too much on Out Of Pocket Expenses?

Are You Spending Half Your Income On Out Of Pocket Expenses? Imagine spending over half of your annual income on health care services each year. The Medicare program is a program that will pay for health care services for adults 65 years of age or older, or individuals with disabilities. This health care program will pay for a portion of inpatient and outpatient services. This program typically … [Read more...]

Medicare 101: How To Qualify for Medicare

Learning about medicare for the first time you could be asking yourself "How do I qualify for Medicare"? Medicare is an American healthcare system for people of the age 65 or older. It is primarily funded by employees and employers through payroll taxes, as well as, monthly premium deductions from social security checks. If you would like to know how to qualify please read the following … [Read more...]