Senior Health and Fitness For Boomers: SilverSneakers Fitness

Why do we talk so much about senior health and fitness on a Medicare blog? Physical and mental health are important at any age, but even more so as a senior. Very simply, the better you age the more you will enjoy life.

Benefits of staying active as a senior:

1. You will remain independent and strong with good physical and nutritional health
2. With exercise you are less likely to develop a variety of illnesses (diabetes, heart disease, dementia, etc.)
3. Physical health helps keep your mental health in check Senior Health Resource page
Our Senior Health and Fitness articles are a great resource for those looking for ways to stay healthy. Use this library of information as a way to get you motivated and stay on top of your health.

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You have Medicare, but what’s a good way for you to stay active?

One program that can help is SilverSneakers. This program helps you develop an active routine and bring physical activity into your life. SilverSneakers is a program that helps older adults participate in physical activities. Physical activities that help to maintain a greater control of their health. This program provides activities and social events. These are designed to keep seniors healthy while encouraging social interaction.

Does your medicare plan cover SilverSneakers?

Under original Medicare, Part A and Part B this program is not covered. This is because it is considered a basic fitness service. However, Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C) may provide coverage for this program. If you are looking to enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan with SilverSneakers coverage let us help you find the right plan for your needs. As a result, we can explore a list of Medicare Advantage plans available in your service area and explore your Medicare plan options.

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Visit the SilverSneakers online health plan finder to check your eligibility.