Medicare Open Enrollment 2018-2019

2018 Medicare Open Enrollment started a few weeks ago, on October 15th. Which means, if you need to adjust your Medicare plan you will have until December 7th to shop, compare, and join a 2019 plan. What can you do in the medicare open enrollment period? Remember it’s not always about cost. You will need to determine if your coverage is appropriate for your needs swell as affordable. Here are … [Read more...]

How to Budget For Medicare Costs While Planning Your Retirement

Do not forget to add health care costs into your retirement planning. First of all, have you thought about your health care needs when you retire? Like most people planning their retirement roadmap you may have underestimated the costs of health care as you age. If you qualify, Medicare Part A is free and does cover some level of hospitalization. Consequently, there are many aspects of … [Read more...]

Senior Women’s Health: Tips For Preventing 4 Top Diseases

Some diseases affect women's health at a higher percentage than men. Even if you have a chronic medical condition you can still make lifestyle changes that will improve your health. You may have had some unhealthy habits in your younger life but it's never too late to begin activities that will enhance your health and well-being now. Some diseases associated with older age are caused by … [Read more...]

Are Your Preventative Care Needs Covered by Medicare?

Preventative tests and screening services are covered under the Medicare Part B plan. Preventative care is an important part of your health and disease prevention journey. Medicare Part B covers preventive services. This includes screenings, vaccines, and counseling. Consult with your doctor to determine if you meet the requirements for a preventative care service. Your plan’s coverage rules … [Read more...]

A Checklist for Healthy Living

Tips for seniors to live a healthy life It’s time to start adding healthy habits to your daily routine. Stay active and strong as you age! To help yourself keep on track use the checklist below to create new habits and help yourself improve. … [Read more...]

New Medicare Card Mailing Schedule

Starting in April of this year, those who are on Medicare will receive a new Medicare card. The new cards are designed to help improve your security and protect your identity. Therefore, they will include a Medicare number (that is unique to you). Also, your benefits and coverage will stay the same. Medicare will automatically send out new cards to the addresses they have on file with … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring is here and it’s time to get your living space clean and organized. Use this as a great opportunity to check in on your capabilities to keep up with the house work. Is it time to ask for help? Most of all, get your family members and friends involved! Let these tips help you have a productive and fun day of spring cleaning. Make a list! You want to make the most of your time and of … [Read more...]

Social Media: 8 Reasons Seniors Should Care

Seniors over 65 are more “tech savvy” than ever before. They are participating in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. There are many benefits to seniors for using social media. Here are several reasons for them to do so, especially for those living on their own. But there are benefits for those in senior care or living facilities as well. Keep in touch Social … [Read more...]

Learn About The New Medicare Cards

Starting April of this year, 2018, those who are on Medicare will receive a new Medicare card. The new Medicare card is designed to help improve your security and protect your identity. Therefore, your new cards will include a Medicare number (that is unique to you). Also, all your benefits and coverage will stay the same. In addition, another change you will see on the new cards is the … [Read more...]

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. As a result, it is estimated about 630,000 people die each year from some form of heart disease. February is considered American Heart Month. Therefore, let this month be a reminder for you to take the necessary steps to prevent or catch any heart diseases you may have. The best way to start is to … [Read more...]